What I Do

I Specialise In The Breeding Of Queen Bees. To Improve their genetics so they produce happy & healthy bees that can survive our changing climate and help protect the worlds food production.

To Educate

I run world leading Instrumental Insemination & Queen Breeding Courses. I also run other courses for the beginner beekeepers to Inspire and share this knowledge.

Beekeepers Are Amazing

We Produce Something Special

Stay Social


I update Instagram on a near daily basis with high quality photos of honeybees, Flora & Fauna.


I update Facebook on a near daily basis with high quality photos & video's .


I update Twitter every time I make an update on any social media platform .


I make HD Instructional Video's nearly every week during the Summer months


Everything ends up on the blog in one form or another 🙂


You can call me 7 days a week up to 11pm any evening for any help or advice you need.
When you first get started it can be confusing and sometime help is not at hand. So if you get stuck am always happy to talk.
Even when you have been keeping Bees many years the bees can always keep you on your toes.


01644 440202