Spring Is Here Or Not

By the meteorological calendar, spring starts on 1 March. But in real terms i think it’s March 20th.
But the 2018 Youtube Video’s will be starting whatever the weather in around 2 week 14-15th March.
1 video a week to start building to 4 video’s a week when we get into May. We will be starting with the Ultimate Queen rearing series that will be covering every single aspect of this subject to get everyone interested in this started this year even if its your very first season keeping bees you will be able to follow along without any problems. There will be 2 general Beekeeping videos a week and then one video that some weeks will be beekeeping again and some weeks it could be just some random subject or thing that’s going round in my head or grabbed my attention but they will be on a Thursday.
So if you have not already subscribed to the YouTube channel click the link here and subscribe if you also click on the bell icon over there you will get an email as they are uploaded to Youtube.

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