Do What You Can’t

2018 is going to be all about “Do What You Can’t” This is for all the new and not so new beekeepers, But when you think about it not just beekeeping in fact anything in life.

Many have had this conversation at some point in there beekeeping adventure
You’ve expressed a interest / desire to do more to expand and take bigger and bolder steps whether it be expansion to more hives than the norm or Queen Breeding and Instrumental Insemination to even get your first bees! What happens the Haters and doubters start chipping in saying ” YOU CAN’T you’re far too new, or too young too this too that” you get the general gist for some reason there is always someone to pour cold water on your dreams.

If i had listened to the doubters who said you can’t i would have packed up and taken up a hobby like Tuvan throat singing whatever that is

So if you have a passion and the haters and doubter brigade tell you any different just remember “You Can” and you will don’t be limited by others only by your own self belief.

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