Asian Hornet Coming If Your Ready Or Not!!!

Asian Hornet Coming If Your Ready Or Not!!!

This video is well worth a watch. It’s a talk by Martyn Hocking who discovered the Asian Hornet in his Apiary at Woolacombe. If you read between the lines it gives a report on just how unready and unprepared that could be due to financial resources the NBU are for the coming of the Asian Hornet.

When he first reported it he got a standard reply saying he most likely mistaken.
He then sent photos so they sent the SBI
They caught a sample and he had to pay out of his own pocket to send it to the NBU not the SBI

They then told him they would take over and his involvement was no longer needed
Time for a holiday and Devon Cream Teas all round for the NBU Rapid Response Team

The biggest smack in the mouth is when they do lose control and that’s a foregone conclusion it will be down to the individual Beekeeper , Homeowner , Business to deal with theses nests so there going to be as or maybe even more prevalent than the common wasp.


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