Carricell 12v Queen Cell Incubator

This is a great little incubator to have if you need to transport Queen cells more than an hour or so away from your Queen rearing base.
The Carricell is powered from a 12 – 24 volt vehicle accessory socket and can also be connected to a battery charger or transformer for use on mains power.

These are not cheap and only really needed when you have to transport over a long distance and a hot water bottle won’t last the course. The very well made from mental there is also a temperature strip inside so you can keep a check on the internal temperature.

It takes around 15 minutes to completely come up to temperature
One of our mating areas is around 4 hours away and using these i have never lost a batch of cells yet.

You place a cell in the cutouts to keep it safe and warm.
In incubators temperature is locked at 34c if you need extra humidity i just give the foam a spray with water before i set off.
The foam tray can be removed and placed in a larger incubator overnight. if you need to make an early start.  You can also buy replacement foam trays for them.

I know in NZ you can get them from Ecrotek &¬†ceracell. In The USA Dancing Bee Don’t know any one in the UK that sells them


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