25kg Bags Granulated Cane Sugar Saves Time

Buying granulated cane sugar can be a pain so many special offers in different supermarkets.

If you use a lot of sugar for feeding standing there opening 100s of 1kg / 2kg  packs is a drain on time and time is worth more to me than saving a few pennies on a kg of sugar.
You can’t buy time!

You can use cane or beet sugar the bees don’t mind as long as it’s granulated white sugar.
For a few years i bought 1000kg IBC’s of ready to go Ambrosia and other brands but found that costs could soon escalate too much and storage room was always a problem.

So now i find it easier to just buy in 250 -500kg as needed in 25kg sacks from Bookers as of now January 2018 works out at 0.56p per Kg  2 x 25kg sacks £28.00

The other good thing is using the same sugar to make the winter sugar blocks come spring all we have to do with unused blocks drop them in the sugar syrup mix tank to re use.



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