Installing A Package Of HoneyBees

A video for new would be Beekeepers of 2018 thinking about whether to start with a Nuc a package or a full size colony of bees. The cheapest way is if you get your bees for free by catching a swarm.

The next cheapest way is to buy a package of bees with a mated Queen. It’s a little more work as you will be starting with just bees and blank foundation rather than frames of drawn comb with brood.

But as long as you feed them a large amount of 1:1 sugar syrup to get them started they soon get started. The important thing is to feed them lots and lots get them started with 5 litres and then continue feeding until all the frames are drawn out.

The other good thing with package bees are they can be treated for varroa before they seal any brood also there is zero chance of any brood disease as there is no brood. No old comb to deal with so a nice fresh start for a new beekeeper.

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