Using Plastic Foundation

Plastic foundation i think is great especially the black.
If you have trouble spotting eggs with the black foundation it’s a lot easier as a white egg on a black background stands out.

One or two things when you are using plastic foundation
You must wax them even if they come pre waxed. If you don’t the bees will hate them. The more wax you use the better.
You must also not mix wax foundation and plastic foundation in the same hive unless it is fully drawn out.

You will hear many people slagging plastic foundation. But the truth is they have not tried it or did not wax it or wax enough.

Now you may think why use plastic foundation if you going to use all that wax on it?
The plastic foundation will last years so when it comes to replacing old comb all you need to do is scrape it off and re wax it to use again. If you’re worried about any nasties you can scrub down with a washing soda solution before re waxing. So now you don’t need to buy foundation again and you have another use for your recycled wax you have collected.

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