Queen Rearing Cell Bars

Never too early to start planning for the 2018 season! Making up a cell bar for grafting in to or using a nicot type system. The example shown is a Langstroth frame but if your using a national it will take 10 rather than the 12 shown here. There are many different types of cell cup you can use from Jz Bz to your own wax cell cups. This one we use the Nicot type so you can make better use of the roller cages for protecting the cells after they have been capped off letting them emerge in a hive or transferring them to an incubator as i do. You will need a few things to make this type 1: A Glue Gun 2:Cell Bars 3: Cell Frame 4: Nicot type fittings As soon as i’m well enough early next year i will be starting making the video’s again and i will make one of this. Description attached to each photo

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