Free Beginners Beekeeping Courses

Our One full day Beginners Beekeeping Course we run over the winter months October til February are completely 100% Free of charge. What do i mean by free of charge?

Simple there is nothing to pay at all we even provide a free lunch and teas & coffees.

Every year we offer a number of FREE Beekeeping courses
We do not sell any beekeeping equipment so no hard selling just free advice and information.
Impartial informed advice can sometimes be tricky to obtain regarding Beekeeping from some sources and groups
So to fill this gap we have decided to offer an expanding range of course to help at no charge.

Many people ask why do I do free courses and offer help to beekeepers?

The simple answer is because I feel good helping other people.
Pure joy is something you can’t buy at any price!
Not for gain just for the simple joy of it.

There’s no hidden agenda NO financial gain , NO Grants or funding I fund every course personally it helps the Bees it helps the environment it helps the planet we all live on.

As beekeepers It helps people that don’t know there being helped in there every day life there children their children’s children. Every third mouthful of food you put your mouth is because of the pollination honey bee’s do. Every beekeeper knowingly or unknowingly is doing their part to help many billions of people on this planet live their lives and feed their families.
The smallest things can make the biggest difference!

Heres the link to our FREE Beekeeping Courses
Free Courses

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