Sublimox Varroa Vapouriser

The Sublimox Vapouriser is a professional grade Vapouriser for varroa treatments
It take approx 25 seconds to treat each hive.
The sublimox is powered by mains electricity but can be used with a small generator or 12v battery with and inverter.
You treat each hive with 2.3 grams of Oxalic Acid Crystals.
The kit comes with 2 filling caps
Sublimox-CupThe Red plastic tool box style carry case with lockable catch.
The Oxalic Vapours will come out with force as the boiler is sealed when the cap is fitted and the gasses expand.

Sublimox vapouriser boiler
Sublimox vapouriser boiler

Available to buy in the UK from Abelo Beekeeping

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